Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Casey Payne is Dead - Immortality Achievement Unlocked

I will call this the one thing I was after. I've "merged with the Dao" (Achieved Daoist Immortality).

I'd tell you "how" I did it except for... reading through the posts on this page it seems as though I've made it quite clear. This doesn't mean that the physical body, known as Casey is gone or that I've gotten any "special powers." It it means is that I have a "unified mind."

So... I still have a passport with Casey Payne on it. A drivers license. A mother who will call me Casey. And all of these things. Actually, "I" don't have them, but I understand that there are minds out there who will associate the physical body with "Casey" and not the 400 Year Daoist Wizard that I really am (sorry... was). lol

Who am I?

The problem lies in the question. The question puts up walls, puts up boundaries. These walls and boundaries are not real, even though your language and your culture and your mind tell you they are so, that is a lie. They are not so.

In fact, you totally shouldn't take my word for it. I don't even exist. You need to take YOUR word for it. Through experience and study. If you're ready for it, this book should break the inside of your mind.

I am leaving as many breadcrumbs as possible leading you to where you really want to be (totally free).

If you have questions about any of this feel free to reach out to me or meet me in person. I know this sounds "crazy" but it is not. If you think it's "crazy" that is OK. Walk away. Just go back to your world of this and that. I truly hope you have fun there. If you're looking for the "out." It's right in front of you (it always has been and always will be). You just need to exercise your awareness.


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