Sunday, January 1, 2012

1/366 - Drive Slow

Close friends of mine are telling me to "slow down" and not take on too many projects. It's probably a good idea given my financial situation. Wait... I think I want to introduce myself in this first post, we'll get back to driving slow.

Hi. I'm Casey.

So... I've operated online as miltownkid for... a long time. 5 years on YouTube and maybe 10 in total on various forums and websites. Who is Casey (Abbott Payne)? Good question. There's a decent description of "me" on the About Page of the website, but lets get more raw and go deeper. That about me is designed to create the "individual" I want to be, not to describe who I was.

I think something that is key for Casey is being biracial and being around both environments enough to understand them with some fluency. I was raised by my White mother (in the "hood") and had frequent visits with dad.

Hmmm... Not sure where I want to go with all of that right now. I'll wait until I start getting comments to... "stay focused." Lets go back to driving slow, what I did today and my goals.

Drive Slow

So my friends are telling me to "slow down." A large part of me thinks I need to connect with some people that move at a faster pace but... for now even I think moving slow is a good idea. I posted Kanye's "Drive Slow" video as a theme for slowing down:

I was happy that my tai chi teacher countered with this video titling it KC - Coming up (instead of AZ):

That made me feel good. I feel like a lot of things I've been dreaming about for a long time are becoming a reality. I'll get into those more in the future.

What I Did Today

What did I do today... Oh! Bedroom is at 100% organization and cleanliness. That's pretty fucking boss. Going to keep this way too (calling it Samurai Mode). Watched a little bit of a kung fu flick, watched a little "Training Day." Eventually got a message from a friend's niece who is 9 asking if I would come over! Crazy that a 9 year old can rock Facebook like that. As "sharp" as I am, this next generation is going to be sharper! I better stick to being a master of Tai Chi, there aren't shortcuts with that. :)

Started working on this blog post afterwards.


This is probably going to be the most important feature of this blog. Daily (or so) goals. Here they are Pwning Life style.

I am in a committed relationship with a woman who is supportive of my style of life.
I save $1,000/month.
I teach tai chi once a week.
I have made one of my projects profitable.
I make $2,500/month after taxes and other fees.
I have a Black Ford Fiesta.
The MilTownKlan has 36 dedicated members.
I maintain my samurai existence.
I maintain an empty mind.
I maintain stability and clarity of mind (aka no problems with my "bipolar"/OCD situation.)

Alright, that wraps of this first post.

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